ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No.385 - Strabe

Following on from the viral success of their breakthrough single 'Best Worst Year', which earned them more than seven million streams during the pandemic, London-based duo Strabe have now returned to deliver their latest breezy offering 'Life On Pause'.

Now signed to PIAS, 'Life On Pause' marks their first official release for the label. Capturing a wonderfully warm and effervescent direction from start to finish, their newest effort makes for a beautifully rich and passionate listen.

The single represents for singer Angelica, originally from Scotland, the idea “of appreciating being in the moment, and taking the time to be still.” For producer Emmet meanwhile – born in Ireland - the stasis-themed single emerged from his year repeating college and (he says) “how great creativity can come if you accept that it takes time, and the need to be patient.”

Strabe recently took to the stage for the first time to support Foxes on her recent UK tour and are expected to be heading out on the road again soon. Check out the new video for 'Life On Pause' in the player below.