As individuals; dodie, Orla Gartland, Greta Isaac and Martin Luke Brown have been lighting up the new music scene of late, but to have them join forces feels like a treat we aren't completely ready for. Introducing FIZZ, who will also be releasing their debut album 'The Secret To Life' on the 15th September via Decca Records.

Previewing their new full-length is their instantly likeable new single 'High In Brighton'. A rip-roaring journey through the group's own adventurous and psychedelic intentions, brimming with bright textures and an electrifying pace throughout.

Speaking about the new track, they said, “Real life is boring. ‘High In Brighton’ is a psychedelic yearning to escape to a fantasised seaside town complete with a key change, honky tonk piano, high speed drums and even a clarinet solo.
‘so f*ck it, I’m leaving, I’m out of here I got a one way ticket to heaaaven…’
*For legal reasons, the band state that the lyrical reference to being ‘high’ refers to paragliding on Brighton Beach.”

Have a listen to 'High In Brighton' in the player below.