Baby Grendel - 'Baby Grendel'


Ever since they first came together, US musicians Jonathan Suarez (Small Town Sci-Fi) and Joe Mengis (Eels, Portugal. The Man) have looked to pursue a more immersive sound than most of their ilk. Originally kicking things off with their impactful debut single 'Signal Error' near the start of the year, the pair have continued to hone their craft in order to conjure a more dynamic direction than many in their field. And with two years worth of work under their belts, they now deliver their eagerly-awaited self-titled debut EP, a release that explores a riveting direction throughout.

Keep the production and instrumentation stripped-back to its bare basics, this new seven-track collection looks to create a wonderfully broad and rustic texture. Blending warped and ethereal energy with this driven indie-rock aesthetic that comes in ebbs and flows, 'Baby Grendel' sees them introducing themselves as a wildly distinctive and innovative pairing. With just enough experimentation to keep it interesting and not become overly self-indulgent, they have captured a beautifully endearing sound that perfectly suits Suarez's uplifting vocal performance as well.

Things may still be in their infancy for them right now, but this initial introduction shows they have plenty of inventive spirit coursing through them. Brimming with this wondrous approach to songwriting that isn't afraid to try something different, Baby Grendel are one of the more fascinating names on the rise right now.

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