Baxter Dury - 'The Night Chancers'


Growing up as the son of one of the most influential musicians the UK has ever seen was always going to instil a sense of family tradition in Baxter Dury. While his father Ian Dury completely reinvented the idea of what punk could mean to the working classes of this country, Baxter's initial solo career was still masked by the shadow of his dad, with many continuing to make comparisons between the two artists. But with nearly two decades into his own career, Baxter Dury has now found his own path within the industry as his sixth full-length 'The Night Chancers' sees him step into the unique and innovative shoes he was born with.

While not intended to be one, 'The Night Chancers' unexpectedly plays more like a concept record, recalling stories and myths from the underbelly of society with a distinct malice and wit only he could have produced. Keeping his own voice off the release as much as possible on this collection, each track's narrative seems to be primarily told through the guest characters that come and go or the ambience created within its rich and inviting compositions. This gives Dury a more voyeuristic presence on this album, simply a watcher that would rather the listener fill in the gaps to the stories themselves rather than spell them out to them.

This gives us a real chance to feel the heart and emotion he has driven into each and every single, and presents the man at the helm as one of this country's best musical storytellers. 'The Night Chancers' may be decades into his career, but it feels like he has reached a peak in his work that he can finally call his own.

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