BC Camplight - 'Shortly After Takeoff'


Since the release of his breakthrough debut album 'Hide, Run Away' in 2005, singer and multi-instrumentalist Brian Christinzio aka BC Camplight has never been one to fit around the musical zeitgeist of today. While nearly every other working musician is always looking to follow on from the next big thing, he has always taken his own path and pushed the expectations of what he can achieve with every new release. Now fifteen years into his professional career, he has returned with his fifth full-length 'Shortly After Takeoff', a bold and psychedelic vision into the inner workings of BC Camplight.

From the very start, it is clear that this is going to be a wild and unconventional ride. With the record's opener 'I Only Drink When I'm Drunk' somehow managing to seamlessly combine the sounds of blues-rock and synth-pop as if it is the most obvious combination in the world, the album quickly makes it way through a multitude of sounds and styles that all somehow still follow the theme of the release. 'Shortly After Takeoff' is one of those bizarre and unexpected collections that no matter what happens, it still almost feels like it is following a deliberate path without having the burden of a strict structure around it.

Throughout his latest work, it almost feels like it is business as usual for BC Camplight as he once again makes some of the strangest manoeuvres in the industry today, and still comes away with something undeniably enjoyable. 'Shortly After Takeoff' may be just another day in the studio for the frontman, but feels like something so much more to us mere mortals.

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