Ever since they first emerged with their trilogy of 'Saturation' records back in 2017, BROCKHAMPTON have been seen as one of the more progressive names in the hip-hop arena. Boasting a huge array of members and contributors to their material over the years, their distinctive direction was just as unpredictable as their line-ups from album to album, giving each release an original and fresh feel. But as the individual characters in the group began yearning for something outside of their brotherhood, they are looking to go out in style with their final studio LP 'The Family', a record that calls time on their legacy (for now).

In what would have been their completely last release if it wasn't for the surprise drop of 'TM' on the same day, 'The Family' aims to reflect back on their glittering impact these last few years and deliver something with more bite than usual. While their sound was always remembered for breaking the usual convention within their genre, their newest collection is about making as much noise as possible, injecting it with a brilliantly infectious feel. Although it sometimes feels at odds with their direction to date, it still makes for wonderfully fascinating listening throughout.

BROCKHAMPTON may be ending, but their tenure has been one of the most enjoyable from any act in their chosen field. 'The Family' may not have that same appeal that first brought ears to their music, but makes for a rousing finale in what has been a strong and accomplished saga to date.

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