Chromatics - 'Closer To Grey'


Since early 2014, Chromatics have been teasing the release of their supposed new album 'Dear Tommy' with a wealth of subsequent singles that stretched up until earlier this year. In fact, the band released a total seven preview tracks from their intended new collection, but you won't find any of them on here, as it seems that band have ditched the 'Dear Tommy' direction and chosen to surprise release an entirely new record in the form of 'Closer To Grey'. Which while quashes the ravenous calls for a new album from their fanbase, does end up asking more questions than it answers.

Although we will probably never truly find out what happened to the 'Dear Tommy' sessions, 'Closer To Grey' still manages to pick up almost exactly where they left off with their 2012 release 'Kill For Love'. With its dark and atmospheric undertones of synthwave-inspired compositions and the coupling of Ruth Radelet's wherry and ethereal vocals, this new full-length sees the group continue on that warm and abject path they have always looked to create with their music, creating a solid return that shows that taking your time can sometimes be the best formula.

It may not be the record that their fans were expecting, but it is still the same consistent quality that Chromatics have always looked to pursue. 'Closer To Grey' may not be an explosive or knee-jerking return, but it still fills the void that we thought the band were never going to pull off.

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