Clean Cut Kid - 'Felt'


As much as we have been enjoying the singles from this new full-length, the story behind this record is far more charming than we were expecting. After meeting and falling in love, the band's joint-singers Mike and Evelyn Halls wanted an outlet to profess their love for each other, and that outlet grew into the band Clean Cut Kid we see today. Effectively making 'Felt' their own personal love letter to each other.

Yet despite the mushy sentiment that this record stands for, it is clear that the pair had more than just a basic understanding of songwriting between them as this new album shows the beginnings of a flourishing new group. 'Felt' seems to like to jump between the elements of a solid rock band and a more intrinsic indie outfit with an ear for interesting and diverse production. The result is a wistful yet powerful pop record with all the hallmarks of a group with years of experience behind them.

It seems clear that this debut release has been in the works for sometime, what with their competent direction and uplifting disposition, but 'Felt' still has a very fresh quality to it. An extremely likeable first record from a band we hope has plenty more to offer.

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