The Coral - 'Sea Of Mirrors'


Over the last two decades, The Coral have been seen as one of the more progressive names doing the rounds. With a wonderfully inventive approach to the indie-folk sound across their catalogue to date, they have been one of the flag-bearers for the scene in recent years, regularly aiding and guiding the next generation to acclaim and success. And after the rousing response to their 2021 LP 'Coral Island', they return once again with their eleventh studio album 'Sea Of Mirrors', a record that looks to continue that effervescent energy once again.

Released as one of two new full-lengths, the other being the vinyl-only offering 'Holy Joe's Coral Island Medicine Show', 'Sea Of Mirrors' aims to highlight The Coral's more illustrious intentions here. Largely adopting a warm and breezy aesthetic in which to pursue, this new collection marks a wonderfully sweet and alluring moment in their repertoire to date, offering up a sweeping array of laid-back gems that perfectly suit their more humbled direction in recent years.

While it may not have much in the way of stand-out efforts here, 'Sea Of Mirrors' still has this beautifully moving appeal to it. Keeping a firm and cohesive hold over its shimmering atmosphere from start to finish, they continue to impress after all these years.

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