Cut Copy - 'Freeze, Melt'


Since the release of their breakthrough debut album 'Bright Like Neon Love' in 2004, Australian synth-pop outfit Cut Copy have been one of the most consistent and well-received names in their field. With a bright and energised catalogue of impressive offerings over the last sixteen years, they have slowly been making the transition from solid, dancefloor-ready collections to something more ethereal and atmospheric, which started with their 2017 release ‘Haiku From Zero’. Now looking to continue that progressive guise, the band return with their sixth LP 'Freeze, Melt', which looks to build on the solid foundation of their previous record.

From the very start, the similarities of 'Freeze, Melt' and ‘Haiku From Zero’ are almost palpable. Treating their production with a very clean and almost surgical intention, there is not a single stray sound on this new work, giving it an extremely rich and textured feel throughout. But what truly helps bring these new songs to life is their ability to create a world of broad and sweeping electronics without resorting to layers of instrumental fanfare. We can hear each and every note as clear as day on every single, creating this warm and inviting aesthetic that looks to deliver one captivating and elevated composition after another.

While there are times that see them falter a tad on this new album, that seems to be the price you pay for harnessing a more real and organic style. 'Freeze, Melt' sees the group return in stellar form and makes for an incredibly enjoyable listen that fans of the four-piece will be lapping up from start to finish.

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