Dinosaur Jr. - 'Sweep It Into Space'


If you were wondering what a true stalwart of the slacker scene looked like, look no further than Dinosaur Jr. After first breaking through in the mid 80s with their stunning self-titled debut album, the band have been consistently working themselves to the bone these last three decades, delivering an ever-progressive array of brilliant offerings that show us all that age is simply a number. Now after five years away from the limelight, they return with their twelfth studio full-length 'Sweep It Into Space', a record that continues their bold and driven direction.

One of the things that makes Dinosaur Jr. such an interesting outfit is how they are able to create something new and distinct that still manages to suit their formative sound. With its rustic and retro direction, there is every chance that this could have been released during their 90s heyday, yet it still maintains a solid and contemporary style in order to align itself with our modern sensibilities. The result is this wonderfully nostalgic feel that pays homage to their roots, but is always looking to deliver something firm and captivating for the newer fans that may only just be discovering them now.

There are very few names out there that have managed a winning streak this long, but Dinosaur Jr. just can't be stopped. 'Sweep It Into Space' has this broad and adventurous texture running through it that always seems to find the best within their chosen guise, and pushes it as far as it will go.

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