Dream Wife - 'Dream Wife'


After a 2017 which saw them release one incredible single after another, indie-rock trio Dream Wife have now kicked off their new year in style with the release of their highly-anticipated, self-titled debut album. Featuring the majority of tracks that were released throughout most of last year, 'Dream Wife' is less of a compilation of work so far and more of an intent of who they see themselves as and what they represent.

Opening up with the ball-busting 'Let's Make Out' gives a real indication of what to expect on this new full-length. After that we are treated to a mix of swooning indie jams and foot-stomping, dancefloor-ready anthems that create a real flow within the record. With dull moments rarely found on here, 'Dream Wife' is one of the most exciting debut albums we have heard in years, giving us all the confidence that this band will soon be everyone's talking point later in the year.

It is very rare that a band comes along and simply sweeps everyone off their feet, but Dream Wife were that band and this album just cements everyone's belief in them. A stunning debut with all the hallmarks of a band with far more to offer.

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