EP: SBTRKT - ’Transitions’


As described in his press release, the series of 'Transitions' EPs are intended to give a glimpse into what we can expect on SBTRKT's forthcoming new album, bridging the gap between his incredible self-titled release and his yet-to-be-named sophomore full-length. This collection of three instrumental EPs certainly explores a side to SBTRKT's production that we have yet to hear and will definitely bring water to the mouth of his fans.

While his previous album was very much a bass heavy affair, a lot of these EPs take a far more percussive approach. Creating a much darker sound and overall, adding more atmospheric dimensions to SBTRKT's ethos. A lot of his new direction seems to mirror the high-synth sounds of Rustie and focuses much more on the treble register rather than the bass, all while maintaining that captivating vision of originality.

It may just be a bit of filler before we get the full release, a musical appetiser so to speak, but SBTRKT is certainly looking to turn heads this time around. This sharp evolution in sound has certainly grabbed my attention and will serve as a great precursor to what we can expect from the producer later this year.

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