When she released her stunning debut album 'LP1' back in 2014, it was greeted as one of the most unique and innovative records of the decade. Mixing her love of dance with a bold and powerful atmosphere created this abstract direction that many have been influenced by since its arrival. But after five years on the back burner, FKA twigs has been solemnly plotting her return and more importantly, finding out who she feels she is in today's climate. So with 'MAGDALENE', she looks to pose more questions than she can answer on this impressive return.

Inspired by the story of Mary Magdalene, whose patience and commitment to Jesus ultimately became portrayed as negative when her story was written by the men of the time, 'MAGDALENE' pitches itself as a feminist entity that looks to push back on the male opinion of herself. With additional production coming from the spellbinding soundscape wizard Nicolas Jaar, this new collection aims to be a far more otherworldly release than its predecessor, regularly opting for smooth and blissful compositions than anything with a strong percussion to create this warm yet haunting full-length of multiple twists and turns.

It is clear that FKA twigs has spent the last five years doing some serious soul searching. This is not really an album she has focused on, but one that has come about after focusing on herself. It is simply a byproduct of her own personal journey and one that mesmerises us with its brutal honesty and captivating production.

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