Hamilton Leithauser - 'The Loves Of Your Life'


For a while there, it almost felt like we had lost Hamilton Leithauser for good. After a tremendous run of form with The Walkmen throughout the 2000s, his solo work quickly heralded in a new world for the frontman to conquer, which he definitely did with his 2016 LP 'I Had A Dream That You Were Mine'. But after nearly four years of silence, it began to feel like he had finally gone out on the high he always knew he would. But then suddenly, he was back in our lives and ready to share this; his fourth solo record 'The Loves Of Your Life', a release that feels like he has plenty of gold left to share.

Unlike his previous collections, this one was written and produced without his regular collaborator Rostam Batmanglij, but the producer's presence on this full-length can still be heard throughout. With every track, it feels like Hamilton is looking to carve his own path as a truly solo artist, which would explain why this one feels so much more diverse than his previous efforts. Rather than follow a specific idea and bear down on that, 'The Loves Of Your Life' feels far more explorative than we usually hear him and makes for a collection that occasionally unravels his influencers such as Bob Dylan and David Bowie.

From the start, it feels like Hamilton Leithauser is taking his place in the scene less seriously, opening up his mind to new and adventurous ideas that he has managed to carve into solid nuggets of multifaceted joy. 'The Loves Of Your Life' may be one of the first releases he has made completely alone, but it hasn't dampened his determination to create something truly wonderful throughout.

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