Holy Ship - 'Les Deux Regards'


After the release of his much-loved 2019 debut EP 'Event Horizon', Stockholm-based artist Jonatan Westh aka Holy Ship found himself swimming in an abundance of praise. While only starting the project because his previous outfit Blackstrap came to an end after a decade, it was clear that he still had plenty to offer the fledgling showgaze scene. Now after a couple of years to figure out his next steps, he returns with his pulsing new collection 'Les Deux Regards', a release that looks to cement his stake as one of moment's most exciting new names.

From the very start, 'Les Deux Regards' makes its mark as a bold and adventurous collection of gritty offerings. With his signature blend of gnarled guitars and atmospheric hooks, his new EP is a solid return that looks to add another audacious stack of belters to his growing repertoire. With tracks that focus on a range of issues, including breaking free of personal traps, self-discovery, and the manipulative games played in social politics, his latest work is less about establishing himself and more about making his new project grow into something that reignites the fire he has within his direction.

It may only be his second EP to date, but 'Les Deux Regards' is showing his wisdom throughout. Barely faltering across its six-track runtime, this new beginning for Westh is garnering enormous promise and will no doubt continue to push the envelope as far as it can.

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