Hugmynd - 'Tides'


Having previously adopted countless guises and personas over the years, Cornwall-based singer-songwriter Iain “Harry” Harris aka Hugmynd is no stranger to exploring broad and diverse ideas. As both a multi-instrumentalist and film composer throughout his tenure, he has had a rare chance to explore the outer reaches of his true voice, culminating in the emergence of his newest project. And after spending the last few years locked away in his home studio, he has now delivered his debut EP 'Tides', a release that looks to pay homage to all that has inspired him over the years.

Counting the likes of Bon Iver, Gomez, Sigur Ros, City & Colour, and David Bowie amongst his influences, 'Tides' makes for a wonderfully warm and humble introduction to his latest venture. Opting for a lightly-played guitar amongst soft and breezy production for much of the collection's entries, this bright and enigmatic release aims to highlight the subtle solace that life in one of England's more barren counties can provide. Its use of atmospheric textures and brooding tones can give off the feeling of isolation at times, but always finds a way to lure us in with some brilliantly enticing rhythms.

While his own list of personal influencers give a good insight into his frame of mind, Hugmynd stands as a far more distinctive endeavour from start to finish. There is something simple and elegant about 'Tides' proficient approach to songwriting, something that gives it a refined edge and compelling aura throughout.

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