JJ - 'V'


There is definitely something in the water up in Sweden. In the last few years we have seen a barrage of uniquely brilliant pop acts emerge from the northern country and now once again we get to tuck into a JJ album, one of the nation's most diverse and spellbinding musical acts. Breaking away from the theme of their previous releases, usually dubbed 'jj' and followed by a number, this new album 'V' is the third studio album from the pair and looks to begin a new chapter in the band's arsenal of unmistakable pop triumphs.

A staple of JJ's sound is their ability to splice influences and inspiration into everything they do, yet still maintain a level of variety that keeps the album in context. For the most part, 'V' is a very ethereal affair as the two aim to create enveloping soundscapes that stay woven together thanks to Elin Kastlander's captivating vocals. Not too dissimilar to Lykke Li's latest offering, this record is far more sombre than their previous work but still keeps a steady pace and always looks to throw in a curveball of experimentation just to keep you interested.

It's a solid effort from these two already well-weathered artists that will serve as a suitable follow-up to their already brilliant work, and to those just discovering them, sit back and enjoy the bliss.

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