Kitt Philippa - 'Human'


Over the last couple of years, emerging artist Kitt Philippa has looked to build a reputation for creating bold and emphatic alt-pop ballads that mixed traditional lo-fi instrumentation with euphoric production to unveil warm and woozy atmosphere. With a string of impressive and captivating EPs and singles already behind them, the singer and producer has now taken the best cuts from those releases and delivered their eagerly-awaited debut album 'Human', a collection that sees the artist spread their wings and unleash an extended rendition of the material we already love them for.

Opening up with the singles 'You', 'Lion', 'Grace' and the record's title-track, the same four songs we originally heard on their previous EP 'You' from earlier this year, 'Human' looks to treat itself as a compilation of work from the last few years. Yet while half of the material has been offered up in the past, it is the direction as to where they go from there that makes all the difference as they take the blueprints already established on previous releases and balloon them out into a smooth and seductive wave of humbled ballads that gives this new record a fully-formed and cohesive feel, keeping us locked in and intrigued from start to finish.

Kitt Philippa has certainly developed a solid sound since their early beginnings, and it is that path that completely envelops this new full-length. While it may stick to its guns too often, lacking in a diverse sound at times, the result is a beautifully composed and exciting debut that shows the upper heights of their songwriting so far.

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