Laura Marling - 'Song For Our Daughter'


It almost feels that we have been watching Laura Marling evolve and mature as a songwriter throughout her life as much as she has. After first breaking through onto the scene as a teenager, Marling recently crossed the milestone into her thirties and surprising many that all this weary and rich music was written by someone so young in their career. But awards and accolades aside, Marling has always been one to push the boundaries of her sound with each and every release, which is exactly what we get with her seventh studio album 'Song For Our Daughter', the smooth and lofty full-length we need right now.

While Laura Marling is generally lumped into that faceless singer-songwriter grouping that feature so many lacklustre artists, she has always looked to be one step ahead of the curve by constantly looking to try something new and interesting to keep her fire alive. But 'Song For Our Daughter' seems to see her look backwards more often than not, generating homages to artists like Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac and Beck with its Americana-inspired direction. Yet although this familiar direction remains a constant throughout her latest record, she manages to add her own flair to it, almost reinventing it to deliver a warm and humble release that looks to seduce the listener at every turn.

There is this wonderfully simple element to each offering on 'Song For Our Daughter', showing us that great emotion and songwriting needn't be a pursuit toward broad and euphoric compositions, but can be found in the most minimal of guises. Laura Marling has this ability to channel the collective woes and triumphs of those around here, and give us a collection that feels more connected to us than most.

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