Little Boots - 'Working Girl'


For the last decade, Little Boots has been the quintessential glossy pop star. Simple melodies and inoffensive musical direction have always made her fairly forgettable, but this new record seems to pitch her in a whole new light. Giving up the sweet and innocent perceptions, the singer has released an album aimed at empowering her place in the world and has made 'Working Girl' a far more interesting listen.

With song titles like 'Working Girl', 'Get Things Done', 'Heroine' and 'Real Girl', it doesn't take a genius to see the overt feminist message running throughout this album. But rather than come across preachy, Little Boots has taken the message and given it a serious dose of attitude that you just can't help run along with. The energy and pace in this record is a superb homage to how albums should be made and shows a great level of maturity within the artist's sound.

Little Boots certainly isn't what she used to be. Her confidence and strength on this new full-length is more than apparent, and with pop music this good, who needs that glossy unimaginative stuff anyway?

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