Lucy Rose - 'Work It Out'


Before the release of her debut album 'Like I Used To' back in 2012, Lucy Rose was always plagued with the "Bombay Bicycle Club backing-singer" name tag. Yet that first album helped her to break away from that expectation and made her the fully-fledged artist you see today. But now it seems that Rose is looking to further herself once again with the release of her sophomore full-length 'Work It Out'.

While her debut was considered more of a folk record, this new work seems to place itself within the realm of alternative indie. The use of a full band and a more electronic sound in places has given the vocalist a more multifaceted approach that has lead to a far more diverse release. With a more enthusiastic approach to songwriting, the album seems to convey a lot more confidence than her debut and ultimately makes for a more engaging listen.

While in places it may not stand up to the precedent of her previous work, this is surely just another step in the ever-evolving sound of Lucy Rose. Competent and enjoyable throughout, 'Work It Out' is the sound of a young musician flexing her creative wings.

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