Mallory Knox - 'Asymmetry'


As the musical zeitgeist in this country slowly begins to shift away from the house and pop saturation it has been in for the last few years, a number of rock bands have begun to break through to ensure their place amongst the next paradigm shift. And one of those names that has been repeatedly mentioned over and over again are Mallory Knox. While this five-piece outfit made their debut album in 2013, it has been this forthcoming record that has attracted the most attention and looks to cement them as a future sound of the British music scene.

On the surface, Mallory Knox are your basic American copycat rock act. Much like their contemporaries You Me At 6 and We Are The Ocean, they have captured that modern US rock sound and added the subtle nuances that make their style more at home over here. 'Asymmetry' is a fantastic example of pop rock done right as it likes give the listener enough to get their teeth into, whether it be huge sing-along choruses or head-banging breakdowns, without getting too soppy and playing up to their intended juvenile audience.

It may still be a little stuck to a formula as the lack of diversity in the record leaves it feeling like one long extension of the same idea, but nevertheless still executes it wonderfully and gives them a real benchmark to grow their sound from.

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