MGMT - 'Loss Of Life'


When psych-pop innovators MGMT returned in 2018 with their stunning comeback LP 'Little Dark Age', it was seen as a return to the broad and immersive textures of their infancy. While the pair's breakthrough debut offering 'Oracular Spectacular' is still viewed as one of the best records of this century, the years since were spent largely living up to that hype until their more recent release saw them pursue a more dynamic direction. And with six years passed since then, they return once again with their long-awaited fifth studio album 'Loss Of Life', a record that sees them in renewed spirits once again.

While MGMT have certainly been on an explorative journey throughout the last few years, 'Loss Of Life' feels like another bold step forward within their musical evolution to date. Opting for a more humbled and atmospheric ambition this time around, largely honing in on some more heartfelt moments than we have heard from them previously, this new collection sees them marry the shimmering appeal of their early work with an enigmatic approach to songwriting, giving it a wonderfully innovative feel throughout.

Although a more subdued pace than what many of their fans would have expected, 'Loss Of Life' shows that they are still seeking and pursuing new ideas in which to explore. Revitalising themselves for this new decade once again, MGMT are continuing to shine throughout this immersive new gem.

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