Mitch Rowland - 'Come June'


Having been working in the music industry for almost a decade now, the path to Mitch Rowland's solo career has already been filled with praise and acclaim. As the chief songwriter for Harry Styles, penning many of his hits including 'Meet Me In The Hallway', 'Watermelon Sugar', and 'Golden', he has already made a strong name for himself behind the scenes, earning two Grammy nominations and winning one. But now he has brought his passionate ideals to the forefront as he releases his stunning debut album 'Come June', a record that looks to cement his own personal ambitions.

While his own aesthetic is a far cry from the work he has done with Harry Styles, it still manages to evoke a positive emotion throughout. Largely keeping the textures stripped back to a smooth and alluring production that heightens his shimmering voice from start to finish, 'Come June' introduces him to the fold as a wonderfully magnetic entity. Brimming with this fresh sense of charisma that truly elevates his persona here, Mitch Rowland already feels like an artist bubbling with plenty of bright and captivating concepts just waiting to be pursued.

Although he has probably been cultivating this record for many years now, surrounded by some extremely inspirational individuals, 'Come June' still makes for a solid introduction to his direction so far. With such a warm and embracing aura threaded throughout, we can't wait to hear where he plans to take his sound next.

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