Mozart's Sister - 'Being'


Canada's female-fronted solo projects have been setting themselves a very high bar of late. Artists like Feist and Grimes have seen themselves develop cult appreciation the world over and the latest name looking to enjoy that same acclaim is Montreal's Caila Thompson-Hannant aka Mozart's Sister. Since first breaking onto the scene back in 2011, the multi-instrumentalist has dazzled the public with two trendsetting EPs that have laid the foundations for her first studio album, 'Being'.

If I was to quickly round-up the sound of Mozart's Sister, I would call it electro-pop with the occasional dose of Lana Del Rey-inspired melancholy. But trying to sum this record up in a simple bite-sized description fails to really grasp the variety of sound this album has. It has a staggered pace that allows the release to slow down in both pace and production, but still pick itself up later on and keep a solid momentum right through to the end. It's joyous and sombre in equal measure, giving the record a well-rounded sound that doesn't like to stay put on any chosen direction.

'Being' certainly has the appeal and talent that have proven successful for her peers, but whether we will be seeing a lot more of Mozart's Sister in the next few months is still yet to be seen.

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