néomí - 'somebody's daughter'


When she first broke through with her stunning initial EPs 'before' and 'after' in recent years, Surinamese-Dutch artist néomí cemented herself as one of the more alluring names on the rise. Coupling warm and sombre acoustic aesthetics with her own dreamlike vocals quickly caught the attention of many tastemakers, and saw her grow into one of the more heartfelt names on the new music scene. And after plenty of praise and acclaim since then, she now delivers her eagerly-awaited debut album 'somebody's daughter', a record that builds upon that passionate direction throughout.

Unlike what her earlier work showed us, 'somebody's daughter' is a far grander and fleshed out affair. While she still looks to hone those same heartwarming folk-pop ideals throughout this new collection, much of it sees her invite a more atmospheric production to the fold, widening and elevating her distinctive sound at every turn. The result is this wildly immersive listen that creates some of her most illustrious material to date.

While the journey néomì has been one has certainly crafted this dynamic progression, 'somebody's daughter' feels like another step forward in her musical evolution already. Beaming with these rich and enigmatic tones from beginning to end, she shines as a true visionary doing the rounds right now.

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