MULIMBA - 'Your Own Blood'

British frontman adds some broad and diverse production to his latest neo-soul-inspired belter

Flawes - 'Still Not Ready'

British outfit take influence from The 1975 with this bold and euphoric pop-rock belter

Joe James Lewis - 'Days On You'

British frontman previews his debut EP with this smooth and soaring, Tom Misch-inspired jam

TV People - 'Time Eats Up'

Irish outfit take their cues from Fontaines DC with this bold and brash post-punk-inspired gem

Afonso - 'Luz'

London-based frontman returns with another bright and seductive slice of soaring neo-soul

Ocelot - 'Perhosia'

Finnish outfit bring the same bright tones as Eels to this fresh and upbeat new offering

Yorke - 'Nights We Waste'

Australian frontwoman showcases her debut EP with this bright and euphoric alt-pop delight

BoomChild - 'Cold Shoulder'

Australian outfit bring the same fresh and funk-filled sound as Anderson .Paak to their latest neo-soul release

Dead Rituals - 'Melbourne'

Italian outfit take influence from The Cure with this pounding and atmospheric post-punk stomper

Bennett Hughes - 'World Of Change'

US singer-songwriter channels the wistful flow of Bruce Springsteen with this uplifting new jam

Sharaya Summers - 'This House'

US frontwoman brings the same wistful tones as Snail Mail to her latest laid-back swoon

Ludvig The Band - 'Not The Same'

Norwegian singer-songwriter serenades us with this warm and wistful acoustic-led release

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