Cayley Thomas - 'Sunshine'

Canadian frontwoman gets us ready for summer with this smooth and soaring indie-pop gem

Not Fit - 'Fun House'

US outfit bring the same pulsing sound as Interpol to this thunderous post-punk belter

Scott Apple - 'Lemonade Daydream'

US frontman channel the fresh and exciting vibe of Beck for this glorious indie-pop gem

Latir - 'Juvenile Forever'

London-based frontman showcases his new EP with this warm and pulsing RnB groove

WILD - 'Surround You'

LA-based outfit preview their new EP with this bold and euphoric folk-pop belter

Dan Lyons - 'Mr. Meaner'

British frontman showcases his latest album with this bold and pulsing indie-rock jam

Sharaya Summers - 'Agendas'

US frontwoman returns with another broad and sweeping indie-rock gem, with hints of Soccer Mommy

Jenn Nucum - 'Snakebite'

Canadian frontwoman takes influence from Phoebe Bridgers on this soft yet soaring post-rock-inspired swoon

Wes Reeve - 'Don't Worry'

LA-based frontwoman brings a bold and pulsing edge to this pounding slice of glossy alt-pop

Fake Fever - 'Dirty Plastic'

US outfit channels an 80s synthwave vibe for this bold and dreamy psych-pop delight

LoveLeo - 'LEMONS'

LA-based frontman returns with another bright and vibrant alt-pop belter

SUMif - 'Want Me'

US frontwoman returns with another bold and pounding electro-pop stomper, with hints of Chvrches

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