Ellen Krauss - 'Let Me Have It'

Swedish frontwoman previews her debut EP with this bold and progressive alt-pop gem

Liquid Time - 'In The Cards'

Australian outfit preview their next EP with this fun and energetic psych-rock jam, with hints of POND

Isla - 'Wierdo'

New Zealand-based frontwoman adds a diverse mix of instrumentation to her latest folk-pop delight

Cortney Dixon - 'What You Wanna Do'

British frontwoman brings the same enticing sound as Grimes to her latest alt-pop groove

Ruthie - 'No One On This Earth' ft. Drenge

British artists team up for this smooth and breezy indie-rock croon, with hints of Father John Misty

Oscar Thorburn - 'Burning Out'

Australian frontman channels the sweeping energy of Vance Joy for this warming indie-rock swoon

Jackie - 'Lifetime In A Touch'

Canadian outfit follow in the footsteps of Foster The People with this bold and catchy electro-indie belter

Matt Ryder - 'Breakdown'

British producer previews his new EP with this smooth and silky Everything Everything-inspired release

Miko - 'Crushes'

Montreal-based frontman introduces himself with this bright and jangled indie-rock debut

The Tins - 'Sooner Or Later'

New York-based outfit blend psychedelic rock with an indie-pop vibe on this groove-filled new jam

Ten Minute Detour - 'Bleeding Green'

Canadian outfit follow up their sophomore album with this frantic yet calming indie-rock gem

Sam Johnson - 'Lost In The Mail'

British singer-songwriter showcases his debut EP with this bright and euphoric indie-pop belter

Maccie - 'Dungeon'

Canadian frontwoman takes her cues from Little Dragon with this pulsing electro-indie stunner

Gorran - 'I Don't Love You Anymore'

London-based singer-songwriter takes influence from Lewis Capaldi with this soaring pop-rock belter

Katie Kleiger - 'We Hover Here'

US singer-songwriter channels the sweeping sound of First Aid Kit on this acoustic-led swoon

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