Lo Lo - 'Yours'

Canadian frontwoman takes influence from Charli XCX with this stomping pop thumper

Lana Lubany - 'Come Midnight'

US frontwoman previews her new EP with this explosive electro-pop release, with nods to Sigrid

Jagd - 'Luxaflex'

Dutch outfit preview their new EP with this explosive indie-rock stomper, with hints of Sløtface

The Ivy Walls - 'White Ocean'

US outfit get dreamy on this wonderfully warm alt-pop delight, with hints of Snow Patrol

The Masterminds - 'Partner In Crime'

New Jersey-based outfit return with this swooning Bob Dylan-inspired serenade

Elle Hollis - 'Luxury'

Dutch frontwoman takes on the powerful pop production of BANKS for her latest future-pop banger

Victory Chimes - '40 Days On The Bridge'

Canadian outfit channel the wisftul tones of Elbow with this swooning indie-rock delight

Heptagram - 'Angels'

Bulgarian outfit get dreamy with this smooth and atmospheric new release, with hints of Alt-J

King IV - 'Basic'

Australian frontwoman follows in the footsteps of Charli XCX with this energetic electro-pop stomper

Under The Rug - 'A Serial Killer Comes Home'

US outfit take their cues from Alabama Shakes on this anthemic blues-rock-inspired thumper

Billy Fox - 'Be Like This For A While'

Australian frontman keeps it sombre for this raw and heartfelt electro-pop ballad

Isophene - 'Colours Explode'

Australian producer showcases his debut album with this gloriously wistful, lo-fi electronic delight

Toby Corton & His Band By Chance - 'Help Yourself'

British outfit channel the jazz-inspired sound of Tom Misch for this latest laid-back groove

TENDER - 'Still Closer'

British outfit add a funk-filled groove to their latest indie-rock release, with hints of The Black Keys

Sleeptalk - 'Apart From You'

Calfornian outfit take their cues from The 1975 with this driven indie-pop delight

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