Old Sea Brigade - 'Day By Day'

US frontman previews his new album with this bold and driven indie-rock stunner

Dummy - 'Suddenly'

US outfit take their cues from The Walkmen with this rich and blistering post-punk-inspired gem

WE AHR - 'How We Feel'

Swedish duo serenade us with this rich and uplifting folk-pop delight, with hints of Fleet Foxes

VC Pines - 'Smoke Without Fire'

London-based artist previews his next EP with this smooth and enticing neo-soul groove

Lola Wild - 'Sand'

British outfit deliver a smooth and shimmering indie-rock groove, with hints of Lana Del Rey

Anna Krantz - 'Unacceptable'

Irish singer-songwriter serenades us with this rich and warming acoustic-led croon

Only Bricks - 'Fall Apart'

US outfit keep our spirits high with this bright and upbeat pop groove

Multibeam - 'Dimitri'

British outfit crack out the killer riffs for this bold and pulsing alt-rock stomper

James Humphrys - 'Three Weeks'

British frontman keeps us dreaming of summer with this bright and glittering pop-rock gem

Mass Experience - 'Sitting With Demons'

Australian outfit channel a rich and atmospheric psych-rock direction on this groove-filled new single

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