Steroman - 'Electrhodes'

French producer follows in the footsteps of Air with this smooth and groove-filled electronic vibe

Beyond The Wash - 'Dusktime'

Irish outfit bring the same anthemic rhythms as The 1975 to their latest euphoric pop-rock stunner

Molly Linen - 'When They Didn't Care'

British frontwoman takes her cues from Cat Power with this smooth and enticing dream-pop serenade

Michael Costantini - 'The Weight Is Lifted'

Canadian frontman adds a heavy dose of soul to his latest indie-rock groove, with hints of Arctic Monkeys

Charit Way - 'The Seed'

US outfit take influence from Explosions In The Sky with this broad and post-rock-inspired gem

Werwe - 'Throne'

US outfit showcase their latest album with this bold and thunderous alt-rock thumper

Lost Woods - 'Eau Rouge'

Australian outfit preview their new EP with this euphoric and progressive Radiohead-inspired release

By Devices - 'Police The Police'

British outfit unleash a frenzied and riotous slice of indie-rock, with nods to The Amazons

Brooders - 'Mindfield'

British outfit take influence from Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes on this explosive, punk-inspired belter

Sketchy Fancy - 'Endless Summer'

Australian outfit crack out the brass for this fun and vibrant indie-rock gem, lifted from their latest album

CARYS - 'Some Of You'

Canadian frontwoman channels the tone of Charli XCX for this pulsing and exciting electro-pop jam

Marlon Chaplin - 'The Circle'

Canadian frontman previews his new album with this bold and pulsing alt-rock anthem

Lucy & La Mer - 'Discover'

LA-based frontwoman takes influence from Of Monsters And Men with this charming indie-pop stomper

The Cabin Fever - 'White Dwarf And A Supernova'

US outfit unveil a delightfully warm and relaxing slice of dream-pop

Lauren Sanderson - 'Hotel Room'

US frontwoman previews her debut album with this fresh and anthemic electro-pop stunner

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