Russell Louder - 'Home'

Canadian artist previews their debut album with this bold and bouncing electro-pop stunner

Took - 'Human Dynamo'

Finnish artist previews his new album with this rich and vibrant alt-pop delight

Best Seller Of The Same Name - 'Early Evening'

Spanish outfit mix early Britpop with a psychedelic edge on this bouncing new release

VC Pines - 'Smoke Without Fire' (Chilled Edit)

British frontman offers up a smooth and laid-back rework of his recent neo-soul single

Molino - 'Second Life'

Dutch outfit showcase their latest album with this bright and upbeat bedroom-pop gem

NIKO - 'Dance Again'

LA-based artist returns with another dose of his light and enriching dance-pop sound

Vanessa Jamie - 'Fall'

London-based frontwoman previews her new EP with this smooth and enticing RnB groove

The Ghibertins - '20149 - Milano'

Italian outfit take their cues from Editors with this broad and driven indie-rock belter

KAHLLA - 'Anything At All'

British frontwoman brings the same sweeping tones as The Japanese House to their breezy alt-pop gem

Better Swells - 'Where There's Smoke'

Canadian outfit showcase their debut EP with this smooth and sweeping indie-rock jam

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