Lily Kershaw - 'Now & Then'

LA-based singer-songwriter serenades us with this warm and wistful acoustic-led ballad

Courtship. - 'Amy, Run For The Hills'

US outfit channel the woozy vibes of Tame Impala for this luxurious psych-pop groove

Skyler Stonestreet - 'Everything It Wasn't'

LA-based frontwoman brings the same euphoric pop cues as Charli XCX to her latest single

Gravity Circus - 'Lemon Sharks'

Dutch outfit deliver a wonderfully warm and wistful folk-pop groove, with shades of The Lumineers

Sharna Bass - '4:30am'

British frontwoman brings the same ethereal RnB tones as Solange to her latest single

Big Little Lions - 'I Can Have It All'

Canadian duo keep our spirits high with this light and airy indie-pop delight, with nods to Fleet Foxes

Opeongo - 'Less Of Me'

Canadian singer-songwriter showcases his debut album with this bold and impassioned indie-rock croon

Emergency Tiara - '2 Kool 4 Skool'

Japanese outfit channel the classic bubblegum-pop sound of The B-52s for this upbeat new gem

Stray Fossa - 'These Days'

US outfit channel the woozy vibes of Real Estate for their latest dream-pop release

BLANDLORD - 'Sun Explorers'

Canadian outfit unleash a bold and frenzied alt-rock belter, with shades of Sonic Youth

Death Mama - 'Whenever I'm With You'

US outfit follow in the footsteps of The Dead Weather with this bluesy alt-rock stunner

Run River North - 'Wake Up'

US outfit preview their next EP with this smooth and euphoric pop-rock delight, with nods to Givers

Credit Electric - 'Lightning Written Down'

US outfit preview their new EP with this sweeping and country-inspired blues-rock swoon

OTA - 'M.Y.O. Fiction'

Melbourne-based outfit unleash a fast and frenzied nod to the post-punk scene, with shades of Interpol

Mike Liegel - 'Talk To Me'

New Jersey-based frontman takes influence from The Black Keys with this stomping alt-rock jam

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