Twin Ritual - 'Norma Jean'

US outfit channel the upbeat flow of Two Door Cinema Club for this uplifting indie-pop gem

Bessie Turner - 'Down 2'

Suffolk-based frontwoman brings the same high energy as Courtney Barnett to her latest indie-rock jam

Serratone - 'Dreams'

British outfit follow in the footsteps of Drenge with this fast and frantic slice of alt-rock

The High Loves - 'Vampire's Jaws'

Toronto-based outfit bring the same sweeping vibes as Mac DeMarco to their latest surf-rock swoon

Ghost Wives - 'Nothing On You'

London-based outfit crack out the killer riffs for this pounding, Editors-inspired alt-rock stomper

Forstory - 'Scared Of You'

US outfit blend blues and gospel influence with a pounding indie-rock pace on their latest single

Love, Sophie - 'Blush'

US frontwoman seduces us with this warm and sweeping dream-pop release, with hints of Beach House

CURIO - 'Shake!'

US outfit take their cues from Alabama Shakes with this fun and energetic blues-rock stunner

Superkick - 'Uncomfort(able)'

US outfit bring the same tenacious energy as SWMRS to their latest pop-punk belter

Royal East - 'Get With Me'

Australian outfit take influence from The Wombats on this bright and uplifting indie-pop delight

Yehan Jehan - 'Don't Forget About Me'

British frontman previews his new EP with this pulsing and sweeping Anderson .Paak-inspired groove

Music Teacher - 'Supersonic'

Swedish outfit return with this bright and vibrant slice of indie-pop, with nods to Passion Pit

Hudsun - 'Retrograde'

British outfit blend elements of soul and electronica into this pounding Imagine Dragons-inspired stomper

Swanmeat - 'Strawman'

British outfit take their cues from Idles with this thunderous and ferocious slice of punk-rock

Ferrari Garden - 'Bridge'

Canadian outfit bring the same irreverent style as Tune-Yards to their latest electro-indie jam

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