Bokito - 'Freckle Leather'

British outfit return with a bold and funk-filled indie-pop jam, with hints of Two Door Cinema Club

J_Ruth - 'Dawn'

US producer takes his cues from Boards Of Canada for this wistful and sublime new beat

Houston Do You Copy - 'Here Comes The Sun'

LA-based outfit take influence from Pixies with this pulsing and driven indie-rock gem

Matt Shill - 'Running Cold'

Miami-based singer-songwriter serenades us with this bold, Bon Iver-inspired swoon

Trav3ller - 'Old Stories'

Scottish trio continue their adventures in the bluegrass sound with this galloping new jam

Lanta - 'More Alive'

British frontwoman delivers a smooth and swooning alt-pop stomper, with nods to the 80s pop sound

Venture Motel - 'Thoughts'

US outfit unleash a fresh and vibrant indie-rock stomper, with hints of Rex Orange County

Elliot James - 'Impossible Song'

US frontman delivers a warm and harmonised slice of psych-pop, with nods to Animal Collective

Glass Spells - 'Don't Save Me'

US outfit channel the same 80s synth-pop influences as Pale Waves for this pulsing new release

Mode Atlanta - 'Song For The Workers'

Australian outfit bring the same fuzzy aesthetic as Smashing Pumpkins to their latest alt-rock jam

Damon Mitchell - 'License Plate'

US singer-songwriter adds a touch of bluegrass to his latest folk-pop croon, with hints of Tom Petty

The Fey - 'Lost In My Head'

US outfit blend the worlds of blues-rock and neo-soul for this rich and groove-filled new release

Eleanor Jacks - 'Blue'

Australian frontwoman brings the same anthemic vibe as Banks to her latest explosive alt-pop belter

The Statistics - 'Maryanne'

Canadian outfit preview their next EP with this smooth and driven indie-rock stomper

LH4L & Drøma - 'Blue Sky'

French duo take influence from Petit Biscuit for this pulsing and euphoric electro-pop gem

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