Kandle - 'How Can You Hurt Me'

Canadian frontwoman unveils a bright and dreamy alt-pop swoon, with hints of Fiona Apple

The Slow Painters - 'Egon'

Norwegian outfit preview their debut album with this fun and energteic indie-rock gem

Hoofa - 'Alone'

London-based outfit get dreamy with this broad and atmospheric indie-rock groove

Apollo Bebop - 'Dangerous (Watch Out!)'

US collective showcase their latest album with this smooth and pulsing hip-hop jam

Tommy Down - 'Liquid Love'

London-based frontman strikes an emotional chord with this bold and sweeping neo-soul gem

Liimo - 'Raincheck'

Scottish outfit return with another bright and glossy alt-pop delight, with shades of The 1975

Tatum - 'Bloodsport'

South African takes her cues from Billie Eilish with this dark and pulsing alt-pop gem

Birthday Card - 'Radio Star'

British outfit blend synth-pop with a bold and vibrant direction on their latest single

Laveda - 'Rager'

US outfit preview their debut album with this bold and thunderous indie-rock belter

Josh Fudge - 'Strawberry Fanta'

US frontman brings the same wooziness as Mac DeMarco to his latest laid-back release

Ian Abel - 'Taste'

US producer brings the same lofty vibes as James Blake to this warm and ethereal release

Low Life Lolas - 'Grime'

Canadian outfit keep our toes tapping with this bright and bouncing indie-pop delight

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