Podge - 'Twintails'

British producer experiments with a diverse array of electronics for his latest psych-pop delight

Birthh - 'Chlorine'

Italian frontwoman introduces herself with this sweeping and euphoric electro-pop debut

Daniel Pearson - 'Born In A Satellite Town'

British singer-songwriter delivers a heartfelt and sweeping acoustic-led serenade, with hints of Ben Howard

Scotch & Water - 'Moving On'

German outfit share a wonderfully warm and wistful indie-rock swoon, with hints of First Aid Kit

Blood Cultures - 'No Favors'

US outfit bring the same pulsing electronics as Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs to their latest release

CAii - 'Fuel'

British frontwoman channels the same dark tones as Banks for this brooding alt-pop gem

Mirror Shot - 'Returning'

British outfit take influence from Pavement with this woozy and jangled indie-rock groove

Somebody's Child - 'Distance'

Dublin-based outfit bring the same tenacious sound as Jamie T to their latest indie-rock stomper

Dalton Jackson - 'Lower'

Texas-based frontman adds a touch of funk to this fresh and vibrant pop-rock delight

Spencer Yenson And The Fever - 'Hold Me Down'

US outfit take their cues from The Black Keys for this dark and atmospheric blue-rock croon

Matthew Squires - 'Strange Day'

US singer-songwriter returns after three year break with this smooth and laid-back indie-rock jam, with shades of Eels

Listening Club - 'Skiffle Scuffle'

British outfit introduce themselves with this psychobilly-infused indie-rock belter

Old Brave Souls - 'I Want You Bad'

US outfit preview their debut album with this soothing blend of country and indie-rock

Edapollo - 'Undercurrents' ft. Koresma

Bristol-based producer delivers a wonderfully warm and warped electronic serenade, with nods to Bonobo

The Brookes - 'Spaceship Rodeo'

British outfit unleash a bold and anthemic indie-rock stomper, with hints of Sea Girls

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