Superheart - 'Talk About It'

British outfit take their dreamy indie-pop cues from Haim for this soothing and romantically-charged new swoon

Young & Sick - 'Bitter End'

Dutch outfit preview their new EP with this brass-filled and energetic slice of funk-pop

Joey Aich - 'Zoom'

US rapper channels the flow of Ghostface Killah for this retro-sounding hip-hop groove

REL - 'Nanagrams'

LA-based frontwoman adds a sense of brooding RnB to her electro-pop sound on this new release

Seattic - 'Attraction'

Australian frontman follows in the footsteps of Phoenix for this electro-indie delight

The Qualia - 'A Quiet Night At Home'

New York-based outfit take us on a romantic journey with this soft yet soaring indie-rock groove

Chateau Chateau - 'Evidence'

US outfit bring the same energy as The Vaccines to their latest indie-pop romp

The New Division - 'Jealous'

US frontman takes his cues from The 1975 for this 80s-inspired, alt-pop thumper

Damon Mitchell - 'Elise'

US frontman follows in the footsteps of Death Cab For Cutie on this swooning indie-rock jam

John McCabe - 'Broken'

US frontman returns with another sombre yet euphoric indie-rock release, with hints of R.E.M.

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