Fiona Harte - 'What Is Loving Anymore'

Northern Irish singer-songwriter serenades us with this warm and wistful acoustic-led swoon

Thom Southern - 'Shivers'

British frontman channels the anthemic side of Smashing Pumpkins for this blistering pop-rock anthem

Fickle Friends - 'What A Time'

British outfit preview their new EP with this bright and euphoric pop-rock stunner

Pretty Visitors - 'In Various States of Undress'

British outfit bring the same uplifting feel as The Naked And Famous to their latest dream-pop-inspired jam

DJ Zenas - 'By Ur Side'

US producer unveils a wonderfully smooth and supple slice of ethereal RnB

FERGUS - 'Enough For You'

London-based singer-songwriter returns with this bright and uplifting alt-pop delight

Burning Pools - 'Bang Bang'

US outfit take their cues from The Smashing Pumpkins with this bold and driven alt-rock belter

Trey Warner - 'Carry On'

US frontman takes influence from Weezer with this huge and anthemic alt-rock stomper

ESTATES - 'Know Your Name'

British outfit keep our toes tapping with this light and energetic indie-pop delight

Hella Precious - 'Back To You (Zey)'

US frontwoman channels a diverse array of production for this fresh and uplifting alt-pop bop

Les Gold - 'Outside'

US outfit keep it groovy with this smooth and jangled slice of indie-rock, with hints of Real Estate

Broken Cloudy King - 'Spring'

Australian producer previews his new album with this bold and bouncing psych-pop jam

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