Pale Honey - 'Friends'

Swedish outfit showcase their new album with this bold and uplifting indie-pop delight

NUUXS - 'Dreamers'

British frontwoman returns with another rich and soaring slice of electro-pop

Paul Cook & The Chronicles - 'Chemistry'

British outfit keep it sweet with this light and tender indie-rock swoon

Emalia - 'IOU'

Australian frontwoman brings the giant basslines to this pulsing and eerie alt-pop gem

Nora Lani - 'In Time'

Emerging frontwoman delivers a warm and enticing alt-RnB groove

waants - 'I Won't Be Sad'

Canadian producer brings the same diverse approach as Vampire Weekend to his latest alt-pop stunner

The Great Communicators - 'Candle'

Dutch outfit return with another bold and jangled slice of indie-rock gold

Courting - 'Popshop!'

British outfit take influence from Sports Team with this fun and fresh indie-rock jam

Sons Of Luther - 'ISOLATIONISM'

US outfit crack out the killer riffs for this bold and bouncing alt-rock stomper, with shades of Foo Fighters

Evie Irie - 'Misfit'

Australian frontwoman showcases her new EP with this bright and bouncing pop-rock delight

Hola Chica - 'Asleep'

Spanish outfit return with a bright and uplifting slice of alt-pop, with hints of Sea Girls

ØZWALD - 'Mt. Hood'

US outfit keep it breezy for their latest slice of laid-back psych-pop

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