Tom Speight - 'Strangers Now'

London-based frontman returns with another heartfelt, acoustic-led serenade, lifted from his debut album

Book Of Shame - 'Compatability'

British outfit channel the spirit AM-era Arctic Monkeys for this blusy, indie-rock thumper

Melodi - 'So Good'

London-based frontwoman channels some diverse production for this soul-filled RnB jam

Maths Time Joy & Ayelle - 'Honesty'

British producer collaborates with Swedish/Iranian frontwoman for this warped and wistful RnB serenade

Allan Rayman - 'Crush'

Canadian frontman channels his blues-inspired roots for this brooding new stomper

Tamu Massif - 'Niobe'

British producer takes his ethereal cues from James Blake for this wistful and romantic swoon

Lauren Anderton - 'Attention'

British frontwoman takes influence for the laid-back 90s RnB sound for this luxuriously rich new release

Localles - 'Keith'

Australian outfit crack out the killer licks for this euphoric indie-rock thumper, with hints of Manic Street Preachers

MXMS - 'After Night'

US outfit unveil their self-described "funeral pop" on this mood-driven and brooding new swoon

Astral Cloud Ashes - 'Get Out To New York'

Jersey-based outfit with another raucous and thunderous pop-punk jam, with nods to Fidlar

Aura Lynd - 'Insight'

US outfit follow in the footsteps of Animal Collective with this diverse and experimental psych-pop groove

SMUG - 'Earworm'

US outfit channel the energy of LA's new punk sound with this energetic and raucous rock stomper

Sam Hoffman - 'Glencrest Lane'

US frontman previews his debut album with this 60s psych-rock-inspired swoon

Anteros - 'Fool Moon'

British outfit keep the hype high for their debut album with this bopping indie-rock delight

Chelou - 'Out Of Sight'

British frontman previews his debut album with this soaring psych-pop groove, with nods to MGMT

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