The Brook & The Bluff - 'Hallways'

US outfit preview their debut album with this warm and inviting folk-pop-inspired release

Sonny Winnebago - 'Take Me For A Ride'

British singer-songwriter introduces himself with this fresh and upbeat indie-pop debut

SigObrilllAndo - 'True Mental'

Chilean outfit preview their new album with this broad and diverse chillwave gem


London-based outfit showcase their debut EP with this light and ethereal trip-hop-inspired single

Finn Anderson - 'Flick The Switch'

Scottish frontman brings the same upbeat flair as Gregory Porter to his latest brass-filled jam

Laurence - 'Lion's Share'

British frontman brings the same dark and brooding sounds as The Weeknd to his latest pulsing single

Alec - 'Black Sheep'

British rapper takes his cues from slowthai for this harsh and pounding grime-inspired thumper

The Florets - 'Five Foot Vice'

Australian outfit follow in the footsteps of Arctic Monkeys for this warm and jangled indie-rock croon

Ghost Town Remedy - '360 No Scope'

US outfit take their cues from Weezer with this bold and thunderous alt-rock gem

Paul Zinnard - 'Ticket To The West'

Spanish singer-songwriter takes influence from Bob Dylan with this sweeping, acoustic-led serenade

Seasonal Beast - 'Another Day'

US outfit return with another broad and ethereal post-rock-inspired groove, with shades of Portishead

Belonging - 'Do Something, Do Anything'

British outfit bring the same irreverent vibe as Everything Everything to their latest indie-rock jam

Analog Dog - 'Product Pivot'

San Francisco-based outfit add a dash of soul to their latest psych-rock release

Jonathan Roy - 'Keeping Me Alive'

Canadian frontman channels some serious soul for this warm and lofty new croon

Hill Town - 'Closure'

Australian outfit keep the vibes high for this inviting and euphoric indie-rock belter

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