Raley Delk - 'A Few Deep Breaths'

US singer-songwriter serenades us with this warm and wistful folk-inspired croon

Hotel Mira - 'The Eyes On You'

Canadian outfit preview their debut album with this fun and upbeat indie-pop belter

Roosle - 'Sunset's Canon'

US producer makes a grand impression with this soft and sweeping, lo-fi electronic serenade

Joel Ansett - 'Sugar Coat'

US frontman previews his upcoming album with this pulsing and emotionally-charged pop-rock gem

Honey Gentry - 'Dreamlover'

British frontwoman previews her next EP with this warm and ethereal new release, with nods to Imogen Heap

DRAM - 'The Lay Down'

US frontman blends the classic and contemporary sounds of soul for this refreshing new single

N.Y.C.K. - 'Alive'

Australian duo preview their debut album with this bold and euphoric folk-pop-inspired belter

Pencey Sloe - 'All Ok'

Parisian outfit deliver a pulsing and mood-driven slice of euphoric shoegaze, with nods to Slowdive

Peregrine - 'Dear Violet'

US outfit take influence from The Gaslight Anthem with this bold and exciting indie-rock stomper

Black Cats & Magpies - 'Everybody's Talking'

British outfit take their cues from Catfish & The Bottlemen with this bouncing indie-rock belter

Unlimited Dream Company - 'Disappear Here'

British producer takes influence from King Krule for this sweeping lo-fi groove

Emily McNally - 'Tell Me All The Things You Do'

US frontwoman previews her new EP with this smooth and atmospheric RnB-inspired swoon

Operators - 'Despair'

Canadian outfit preview their new album with thus thunderous and pounding art-rock belter, with hints of Arcade Fire

Job Creators - 'Dream Harvest'

US outfit preview their new album with this broad and psychedelic new jam

SYTË - 'Feel It All'

Albanian frontwoman keeps the summer vibes alive with this light and upbeat Kali Uchis-inspired release

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