Sketch Club - 'Futile Pursuits'

Australian outfit deliver a wonderfully breezy and shimmering indie-rock jam, with nods to Blossoms

Thantophobe - 'Mazes'

US outfit channel the breezy sound of The War On Drugs with this dreamlike indie-rock groove

Those Wicked Hours - 'California'

Swiss outfit follow in the footsteps of Tame Impala with this glossy psych-rock gem

Rakel - 'Call Me'

Swedish artist showcases her new album with this bright and euphoric alt-pop anthem

DeLorean Black - 'Salt XXXaddy'

LA-based artist takes his cues from The Weeknd with this dark and pulsing RnB gem

Ria Marie - '90's Baby'

Nashville-based frontwoman channels some serious soul with this light and breezy new release

Tom Atkin - 'Lil Fucker'

British frontman previews his new EP with this dark and pulsing indie-rock stunner

Brayden Alexander - 'Queen'

Canadian frontman keeps it chilled with this smooth and jazz-inspired neo-soul groove

Viper Club - 'Sunshine'

US outfit take their cues from Cage The Elephant with this bright and breezy indie-rock jam

Caiine - 'Drown'

British frontwoman delivers a wonderfully bold and textured neo-soul stunner

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