Bridal Party - 'Speak Easy'

Canadian outfit take it chilled with this smooth and laid-back art-pop croon, filled with classic soul

Wayfarer - 'February'

Canadian outfit unleash a bold and energetic pop-rock stunner, with nods to the 2000s emo scene

Dempsey Bolton - 'What About You'

Canadian frontman delivers the sultry vibes for this bold and enticing neo-soul groove

Sean Hassard - 'I'll Come Around'

Canadian frontman takes his cues from The Lumineers for this uplifting folk-pop stomper

Sofia Talvik - 'Wrapped In Paper'

Swedish singer-songwriter follows in the footsteps of First Aid Kit with this wistful and country-inspired serenade

Friedberg - 'Go Wild'

British outfit take their lo-fi indie vibes from Hinds for this pulsing new release

Lulu Simon - 'Until I Do'

US frontwoman channels the bold electro-pop tones of Chvrches for this euphoric new single

The Legends - 'Up!' ft. Vilma Flood

Swedish outfit continue their adventures in the upbeat garage-rock sound with this enticing new jam

Spiny Norman - 'Lost At A Festival'

Dutch outfit take influence from the 60s psych-rock sound for this bouncing and catchy new release

Xul Zolar - 'Nightfalls'

German outfit preview their new EP with this sweeping, Glass Animals-inspired psych-pop groove

Alex Bent + The Emptiness - 'Coolin''

Canadian outfit take their alternative hip-hop cues from BROCKHAMPTON with this irreverent new jam

Shyla Buff - 'Erased'

US outfit take their atmospheric cues from The National with this pounding indie-rock belter

George Eve - 'Ready For It'

British frontman brings the same irreverence as Jamie T to his latest indie-rock groove

KYLO - 'Solace'

Toronto-based frontwoman follows in the footsteps of Banks with this pulsing and ethereal electro-pop single

See Tai - 'Neon Dream'

US outfit blend shoegaze whimsy and an indie-pop aesthetic for this groove-filled new release

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