SK Wellington - 'Like A Ghost'

Canadian frontwoman takes her cues from The Naked And Famous with this smooth and sweeping pop-rock groove

Kaleida - 'Feed Us Some'

US duo bring the same diverse sound as Tune-Yards to their latest electro-pop gem

Enjoyable Listens - 'The Key Of Innocence'

British frontman brings the same soaring energy as Pulp on this stunning indie-rock gem

Nolan Gross - 'Action Figures'

Emerging artist showcases his debut album with this smooth yet fuzzy alt-pop groove

Black Sands - 'High Life'

Amsterdam-based artist unveils a bold and anthemic slice of soaring RnB

Woolsoul - 'Doubts'

Canadian outfit blend folk-pop with a raw and soaring aesthetic on this Arcade Fire-inspired stunner

Pagoda - 'Public'

US frontman takes influence from Lauv with this fresh and vibrant alt-pop belter

Dansa Med Dig - 'Cold Air'

Japanese outfit follow up their debut single with this bright and soaring post-punk-inspired jam

Modern Coven - 'Always Watching'

British outfit serenade us with this warm and inviting lo-fi release, with hints of Fleet Foxes

Flat Feet - 'Renegades'

UK-based outfit deliver a wonderfully bold and groove-filled electro-pop delight

Outer Stella Overdrive - 'Bad Times'

British outfit crack out the killer riffs for this fun and energetic indie-rock stomper

Clifford - '3AM'

US frontman unleashes a killer bassline on this bright and bouncing indie-pop delight

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