Nora Lilith - 'Wake'

US frontwoman showcases her debut EP with this dark and pulsing trip-hop-inspired gem

Alex Rand - 'All That I Care For' w/ Anna Majidson

Canadian artist takes his cues from James Blake with this warm and sweeping neo-soul gem

Dru Cutler - 'So Says The Rain'

US singer-songwriter serenades us with this warm and wistful acoustic-led swoon

Adria Kain - 'Ocean (Reprise)'

Toronto-based artist unveils a wonderfully smooth and sensual slice of RnB gold

1tbsp - 'Stay Up'

Brisbane-based producer returns with another bold and pulsing electronic belter

GARGALO - 'Out Of Sync'

London-based artist previews his debut EP with this sweet and breezy indie-rock groove

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