Apartment X - 'Young'

US dream-pop duo let out their romantic side with this humble, electro-inspired ditty

Two Seconds To Midnight - 'We Are Still Here'

US outfit take their brooding influence from Radiohead for their latest release

Dancing On Tables - 'OH'

British indie-pop outfit take their euphoric influences from The Killers on this soaring new single

Mona Vale - 'Too Late'

London-based producer delivers a wonderfully tranquil release with hints of Mount Kimbie

Shy Shy Shy - 'Making A Fool'

Danish electro-pop outfit return with another catchy new release, inspired by HAIM

CAMARANO - 'Somebody Else'

Australian frontman takes inspiration from Tame Impala on his latest indie-rock croon

Arlie - 'Didya Think'

US outfit mix The Beatles and Black Keys on this wonderful rock-influenced stomper

Naomi Greene - 'Laura'

French frontwoman brings some high-energy to the folk sound with this new release

MADDEE - 'Weight'

Canadian frontwoman follows her experimental direction with her latest single, inspired by FKA twigs

King IV - 'Bump'

Australian frontwoman brings some dark and heavy production to her latest electro-pop release

Blue Realization - 'Oh Boy'

Toronto-based frontman mixes the classic singer-songwriter direction with brooding electronics on his new release

K.A.S.H. - 'Farside'

Vancouver-based producer takes the Radiohead sound down an experimental road with this new cut

Joseph J. Jones - 'Crawl'

British frontman follows in the footsteps of Rag N Bone Man on this epic new stomper

AKWUAR - 'Millions Of Same Faces'

German indie-rock frontman takes on some psychedelic influences for his latest release

NADINE - 'Rise'

British singer-songwriter swoons us with this beautifully written serenade

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